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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 24, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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you, we have the now book called the "american hunter" go through the history of hunting from native americans to now. >> we are back on monday. "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. james holmes trial stopped abruptly. starting back monday. >> we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> in an act of self defense, she turned the tables on attacker. i grabbed the gun and shot behind me. >> but the story does not end with the suspect's death. investigators are trying to determine whether he's linked to similar cases in the country. >> good samaritans and a life or death situation. a woman trapped behind a car
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gasping for breath. >> mystery in breath. >> details on pluto loving nasa scientists baffapproximateled. it is all "happening now". >> we begin with fox news alert. new information on a gunman who turned a night of fun in a horrible tragedy. his family tried to have him committed to a hospital because of the danger he posed to himself and others. welcome to "happening now" on this friday. i am jon scott. >> hi, everybody. i am jenna lee. police describe 59 year old john russell houser as a drifter from alabama with a criminal record ranging from arson to speeding. and his wife removed the guns
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from the home because of his mental state. >> it a pores that houser planned to escape and parking his car near an exit dor. he took his life after murdering two people and injuring nine others. >> when anybody in america is hurting we are all hurting. i know this will bring us closer together. for those who are not from here this is a normal movie theater in a normal part of a normal town. >> there is on line post. and combed through the hotel rom. and they found wigs and other disgoizs. we'll speak with the retired police detective as where the investigation goes from here as officers try to figure out the motive. >> in the mean time solemn procession of the people in the
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chattanooga attack. the procession heading to the airport in philadelphia to the final resting place. three victims in the escort. sergeant sylvan. and hornquest and randall smith. the attack in tennessee killed five service members. from america's election head quarter ares a busy weekend in politics with john kasich declaring his bid for the white house. early front runner jeb bush is in a comfortable spot. the former florida governor adopting a low key campaign. >> i don't think you win by denigrating people and win by tearing us apart and have to
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allow concrete proposal. i am a slow steady progress. >> the torteiose. is he in danger of becoming the wall paper. we'll talk to former mayor of new york rudyual joule-- they are fox news contractors and on the political today. pete what do you think about being a tortoise in the race. >> >> for jeb it is great. there is a dozen more candidates in the wings. this is a very crowded field and we are dealing with trump nado.
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jeb bush is playing long ball. >> you say he has money and obviously he has millions available. but he seemses to be meet and great. outside of a ski shop in new hampshire. why not big with media time. >> jon, you look at what won in iowa last time around. rick sanatorium hit all pizza mart in all counties. jeb is emulateing what they did before and not hype in the crazy medical cycle with hillary being part of criminal activity and donald trump leading every newscast. >> think back to when jeb bush got in the race unofficially and
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let people know he was going to run but between his name recognition and money he would raise he would scare the competitor out of the race? >> that didn't happen. bush name goes both ways. helpful and hurtful. no republican would get out of the way because jeb bush got in. pete is right about what he said. jeb bush is doing what he has to do. he must win new hampshire and florida. and he has to spend time there and meeting real voters and not engaging in the craziness that donald trump is engaging in and sucking the air out of the media sidewalk sidewalkle he's in a low co wait meeting the people.
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and i think back to 2008. and when a flashy and effervesant obama stole the nomination from front runner hillary clinton. can the tortoise win the race. >> i think they can win the race and an adult hopefully will win the race. and scott walker is one and marco rubio is one. and jeb bush is one. unlike the democrats have one viable candidate who may be facing criminal charges for what she did as secretary of state. i much rather be us. and if i am jeb i would play the tortoise as well. other candidates are responding to donald trump.
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lindsay graham is taking him on head-on and critizing him over the things he's said. and you think about ted cruz he seems to be ignoring trump and leaving him alone, what is the best strategy. >> if you are jeb bush the best strategy is what you are doing. lindsay graham needs to get on the debate stage and henys to take on donald trump. jeb bush doesn't need to do that. cruz is taking on. >> and rick perry has name recognition. and he's gone after trump big time. >> he's barely. he may not make the debate. look at your numbers. he's 10 or 11. it is in his interest to attack on donald trump.
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jeb bush doesn't have to worry about that. he has to put in an acceptable performance and not falling to the donald trump media circus and a poling to the voters in new hampshire. >> have yourself a good weekend. we agreed on everything. happy friday. >> and julie and poet. i don't know. you could be running mates some day. >> any time. >> shark nado time i do itment >> and will the campaign strategy that jeb bush prove effective. our live chat up and running and go to "happening now" and get your thoughts in the conversation. >> fox news alert on the shooting that happen in lewisville that happen overnight. 33 year old jillian johnson and we have new pictures of her and a statement from her family.
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apparently jill jan owned a business with her husband called the red arrow work shop. look at one of the victims murdered last night. her family describes her as a once in a lifetime gal. mother, daughter and sister and artist and musician and entrepreneur and a true renaissance woman. this is written by the husband. she is the love of my life and i will miss her always. the family also said the messages through facebook are moaning a lot to them. they say it means the world to them. red arrow work shop on facebook. that's where you will find more information. the mother and wife. that is her picture there. >> and this is just in as well. a car company responding to now
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concerns about hackers infiltrating your vehicle. and the recall affects vehicles with the you connect entertainment system. you probably remember that. there is a much publicized pose where they use the internet to take over a jeep controlled system. and raising serious safety concerns. jeep is issuing the recall. motorcycle? >> jenna, the national highway safety is determining if the recalls proposed will be enough to get the job done. this follows that investigation by wired magga zone. they said a computer whiz could hack in to the air conditioning and wipers andro and shut the car off in the middle of the
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highway. it is now a recall of the vehicles. owners will be given a memory stick. the company said that will prevent remote access. the cars subject to recall. 2013 dodge vipers to it 2015. and some dodge pick up ram cabs and cherokees and cherokee suvs. and dodge durangos. and additionally and if you are an owner. drive you connect.comsoftware- update. >> and you can go to the dealer for a memory stick. it was hacked only with prolongedacess to the vehicle. and the software manipulation
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required extensive knowledge of the vehicles gen a. >> mike thank you. >> a united states drone strike takes out a top terrorist target. and who the pentagon manageed to get. new details about this man. he was shot to death attacking's woman in her home.
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>> the pentagon confirming that a high ranking commander was killed. he was a senior member of the terrorist ruling council. he was directly linked to plots against the united states.
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>> investigators in louisiana are working to learn the motive behind the shooting in the layfette movie theater. he opened fire killing two people and wounding nine others before taking his own life. officers describe him as a drifter and said he intended to kill and get away with it. the associated press reporting that his family removed guns back in 2008 citing his unstable mental state. joining me is a detective for the new jersey police department. >> what is striking you most about the shooter and motive. >> the police have to find the
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motive. things like this are impossible to prevent. but they needed motive. >> the family a applied protection and the description of him as a drifter is difficult to discern and confusing as why he was in the area. >> i commend the family. when you see something, say something. they saw something in his life and they removed the weapons. what else did they do to prevent him from committing the act and from going hotel to hotel and city to city. and could he plan for a long time and decided this would be his target. >> and the question of the movie theater. that is like colorado that
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theater you are not allowed to carry weapons and in lewisville they are -- louisiana, but the theater had a policy of no weapons. >> think about the shooting with the marines, a sign that said gun free zone. you are letting individualed know that no one is there to defend themselves. thank god for the police officers there. >> happenstance. and they just happen to be near by and their response was very fast. >> i think it is time to look at the second amendment and i am not one of those like a storm trooper and do this or that with guns but at a time in history, people can't defend on the police because of manpower to defend themselves. only the bad guys are getting
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the guns. >> you worked as a detective a long time. >> i only had to use once in a shootout. i don't like them and they are dangerous but they are a necessity today. >> stepping back and as a mom who likes to deputy to the movies. and i look at movie theaters in a different way. i don't want them to scare me from going to the movies it is unnerving and what do you tell our viewers? >> you can only do the best you can to protect your children. i believe in the power of prayer and god. and we need to pray for our children and ourselves and let the good lord guide us. >> sometimes i don't think we get enough of that in the conversation.
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one other crime that made nows this woke. a man in west virginia who was killed by the woman he was attacking now police investigating other crimes in las vegas are looking at him as potentially guilty of crimes in that area as well. when you look at these sort of crimes. one in west virginia and another part of the country, how difficult is it to tie him to other crimes. >> every cold case will be reopened. i worked on 25 years and couldn't solve it. first thing i think could this be the guy? they will profile every victim. size can weight and ethnicity of the victims. >> hopefully those cold cases will be solved. we will follow it all week. steve, great to have you on the program. >> you like to fly?
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ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ >> delta, american and southwest and united and jet blue allegedly raising air fare after a deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. eight people died and hundreds more were hurt and transportation secretary anthony fox said the investigation was launched after a concerned senator contacted the white house. concerned information went out to all of the airlines today. >> wall street looking for
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a turn around after three straight days in the red. with sellers outnumbering buyers, the weekend can't come quickly enough. we'll check in with nicole. >> you are right. we have two and half-hours of trading in the floor of the new york stock exchange. we are down 2.6. and the loss that we have sewn is the biggest weekly loss since january. cooter pillar and elizabeth. and golden and material stocks hit hard. mamone and visa and star bucks they surged to life time highs today. better profits. and amazon was up $100. and pan dora adding users. and they know what you like.
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and pump out the songs you love. and stocks up 16 percent. and that is on earnings. and next week we have the earnings. we have new home sales, dropping 6.8 percent. the role estate market cooling? that is some of the things. i showed you some of the winners right now, the dow is down 111 points. >> doesn't sound like a lot of time to turn it around we'll see. >> and the president is on a winning streak against the republicans on a range of issues. and chinese ssman busted by the fbi for trying to buy u.s. corporate secrets. the growing danger of espionage and what it means for you, next.
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>> president obama landing just minutes ago in kenya. part of an african trip to take him to near by ethiopa. he is expected to strengthen economic times during the trip. we have kevin live in any robby. joishgs jon, that is welcome to any robby. the grown city in the valley and the sun here.
10:32 am
and obviously now night fall and a lot of excitement as the president of the united states landed here in any robby here in in -- nirobi kenya. it is all over shadowed by what people are saying to the return of a native son, the president of the united states. his father is from kenya. this visit comes at a critical time in terms of counter terrorism. the president talked about that in an interview with the bbc and here's what he had to say about the u.s. and kenyans to work together and stem terrorism. >> the counter terrorism between united states and kenya and uganda and all of the countries in east africa is very strong
10:33 am
and part of the subject of the visit is to continue to strengthen those toys to make them more effective. >> clearly you're talking about a kopgz that not only pays dividends in kenya but the horn of africa. the president was going to talk about uganda and ethiopia. and the president pointed out sometimes you make do with the best you can in a relationship for the greater good as it relates to the cooperation of two countries. listen again to the president. >> same way i visit russia and china. we know there are significant human rights violation taking place. but we want to be there and point the conversation in a better direction. >> reporter: now, i want to
10:34 am
point something out, jon. in case you are hearing crowd noise behind me. we are 7 or 8 stories up in the hotel where we are standing now. you can hear people in the distance cheering the fact that the president of the united states is here in nirobi kenya. he will be heading on to the global summit. and right now, an excited group of kenyans not far from me here and speaks volume us think. >> we are picking them up on your microphone. kevin thank you. >> we saw the interview that kevin mentioned and the president did with bbc before he got to kenya. in that same interview he expressed frustration with the u.s. gun control policies. that was hours before the gunman
10:35 am
opened four in louisiana and filled two people. >> one area where i feel i have been most frustrated and most stimied is the fact that the united states of america is the one advapsed nation on earth, in which we don't have common sense gun safety laws. >> howard is a fox news a lift and howiowa e, talk to us about the comments from the president. eerie, we had a shooting and cross over coverage. and now playing the comments in part because they seem relevant to the conversation that is going to take place. >> it is eerie, but we seem to have mass shootings every week or two. the president is frustrated and
10:36 am
he made a measure to push gun control. but the contrast was of the things that president obama is doing. he's rolled the republicans on immigration and on cuba and probably on the iran deal and on obama care and on immigration as i mentioned in the other issues but because of the power of the nra, he knows he can't get gun control measure through congress. >> what about the media coverage? the sympathy for the anti- gun. but there is an anti- gun movement that is prevalent. with that support why is the president not more successful? >> in part it is it true. every time there is a major shooting and the media cover it and the talk turns to gun control. and background checks, and 80
10:37 am
percent of the public supports it but it is not translates in action in dc. there was a time when columbien and gabby gifford shooting. it would dominate it for weeks. now you have chattanooga, washington navy yard and unfortunately, we have become innererred to it and it is less media attention and fades quickly. that doesn't help the president make the case. >> we see the argument. some argue for more guns and some argue for less. that takes place in the aftermath of a shooting. we'll wait and so. howie what do you have coming up on media buzz. every time i turn on the tv i see donald trump and we'll talk about how the media is
10:38 am
underestimating trump. and the slight on mccain and more. >> sounds great. we'll so you on sunday. >> have a good weekend. >> some startling statistics from the fbi concerns espionage and american business. >> a chinese executive netted in a sting trying to buy corporate secrets. according to the agency. 95 percent of the complaints blame them for the spy attempts and pointing the finger at chinese government. leland viter has more. >> reporter: not only is china behind 95 percent of the cases, but the fbi said cases have doubled in the past two years. a chinese businessmen thinks he is buying a top secret glass
10:39 am
formula with a payment of 30000 in cash. >> how was your evening. >> good. >> and soon after the cash changes hands, the fbi moved in and arrested the business dht man and the translator. it is not only the chinese countries, but the government as well. with an unstable world, china and russia intelligence services are stepping up their game. and u.s. companies make roip targets. the chinese are challenging the u.s. on multiple fronts. we learned that they will not go after the chinese on the database. and the chinese military has harassed navy jets flying in international waters in the south china seas specifically the islands that china is
10:40 am
doubling to build as military bases. they could be used throughout asia. and a source with white house thinking. when it comes to china there are very now levers short of economic war or real kind of war. >> leland thank you. >> james holmes trial adjourning after a juror falls ill. it is in the penalty phase. and the juror said she felt sicker than a dog. since it is friday they believed it was better to give her the weekend to recover. the trial would begin on monday. >> hope she's better. >> and the fda hopes to weigh in on a new drug. it is not without controversy.
10:41 am
and we'll talk with dr. mark seagull. >> a woman is trapped after a crash cash and good samaritans rush in to help. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> at this hour we are waiting a press conference at the hospital where some of the victims were taken after a horrific shooting in the movie theater in louisiana. there is a change in our citizenship process. some will not any longer pledge defend our country, why is that? >> wwe is severing ties of the biggest stars of wrestling. who and why and we'll tell you on the real story.
10:45 am
>> an incredible rescue to show you after a motorcycle roadwayer is trapped under a car. witnesses rushed to help while the woman rider gasps for help. everyone joined together. and they lift the car with their bare hand exercise pulled the victim from underneath. she was not seriously injured. that's what you call time work. >> and british drug maker getting a green light for the world's first malathion vaccine. disease affects thousands in country.
10:46 am
>> the first malaria vaccine green light by the european medicine agency opening for wide spread use. malaria has close to 200 million cases in 2013. and over 500000 deaths. 90 percent occur in africa and vast majority of children doing before their fifth birthday. according to the doctor whoed hads up global vaccine development. one child do is of malaria every minute. the vaccine works 30 percent of the time. if we could save the children it is transformational. >> if i am the parent and i have four children and i am told two of them could do i of malaria and here is the vaccine and would i take it.
10:47 am
no it is two or nothing or save one of the lives. i save one life. >> the new vaccine is the first vaccine to rev up the immountain system to fight a parasite. side affects are minor including pain in the injection site or fever. it is developed over 30 years at over a cost of 500 million. and funded by the gates foundation. throw billion people are the at risk for developing malaria. they are working with humanitarian relief on how to introduce the vaccine. perhaps one day son travellers will be able to take a vaccine instead. >> doctor you mentioned the gates' foundation.
10:48 am
would it be cheep enough to impact the way some hope it would? >> currently with the gates' foundation it will get to people in africa who need the most. will the fda get involved and for world wide use. >> it would be a game changer. >> we are waiting for a ruling from the fda here talking about a cholesteral drug. this new drug some say would give alternative for those suffering from high cholesterol. >> it is a big story here in the u.s. the fda was expected to decide about the injectable drug called
10:49 am
pra luent. it attacks the protein on the surface of the bad cholesterol molecule. pra luent lowers cholesteral for patients taking lipiter and crestor. and cut down on the number of heart attacks and strokes andan gina. >> and that is red flags raised. who you are more prone to heart attacks. and do we know of the down side. >> one down side is a shot. it is marketed as a twice a month shot and once a month may be effective. and for some people any shot is intolerable. there could be pain or allergy. but so far not big side affects. >> i am a wimp with shots, too.
10:50 am
>> i was scared as a kid and then you get better and now become there. >> jenna, if you are at risk for a heart attack this may horizon spacecraft bringing new images of the frozen planet. with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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fly by images of pluto taken by horizon's new spacecraft are so stunning one scientist calls it beautiful eye candy. vast frozen plains and big rugged mountains spotted on pluto's surface. breath-taking images not exactly what scientists were expecting. steve harrigan is in miami with more. steve. >> reporter: that's right, john. pluto has long had the reputation of being just a simple ice ball a dwarf planet where the temperature is 400 degrees below zero. these new photographs from nasa's new horizon spacecraft the vessel just about the size of a piano really changing the way some of these scientists think about law toe. the new images reveal mountain ranges and value his as well. a much more complex picture of pluto. images of the moons as well too, which previously were just faint glimmers of light. a lot more detail about those moons. this project is nine years in the making. it's gone 3 billion miles from the earth to pluto.
10:55 am
and really showing some incredible images. getting the images back here to the u.s. also complicated. transferring them is going to take several months in all. so each week we're really seeing something new about pluto. the goal is that these images would show the geography and some of the inner workings of the planet will help scientists understand not only pluto but the solar system at large also. john back to you. >> all right. steve harrigan in miami. cool pictures. thank you, steve. alligators groceries and charlie brown christmas all have in common? they're part of happening now's final 30 for friday. and that's next. [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose! ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. >> translator: time now for the final 30. amston recordly is developing a drive-up grocery store in california. customers order online then schedule a time to just drive up and grab their food. >> not bad. this alligator finding himself in the wrong kind of jungle. concrete kind.
10:59 am
3-foot reptile was walking the streets of manhattan. everyone likes to window shop now and then. police think he was someone's pet. my personal theory is they do indeed live in the sewers. don't quote me on that. >> how's probably lost. it's christmas in july in redding, pennsylvania. authorities are debating whether to replace the city's so-called charlie brown tree with an artificial one. feelings as you can imagine are very mixed. they love that tree. many corners of redding. >> i can understand that. july. we can still reflect on that right? big debate i'm sure happening. i hope you guys have a great day. thank you so much for joining us and for watching us here on "happening now". >> "the real story" starts now. thanks guys. have a good weekend. meanwhile we'll start with a fox news alert. we're awaiting a live presser from the hospital where many were taken after that deadly real-life horror at a movie theater in lafayette, louisiana.
11:00 am
two people killed nine others injured in that theater shooting. i'm jamie colby in for gretchen today. investigators are saying the gunman sat through about 20 minutes of the new film "train wreck" then said nothing. stood up and opened fire. he ended up killing himself as officers arrived on the scene. the police chief says this tragedy could have been much worse. >> the quick response by law enforcement is believed to have prevented further deaths. >> the shooter's been identified as this man. 59-year-old john russell houser said to be a drifter who was living in a motel nearby. his family revealing he suffered from mental illness as investigators try to figure out why he wanted to kill innocent people. will carr joining us live in lafayette, louisiana. will first of all tell us about the victims. what do we know about them? >> reporter: well jamie, we're learning a lot more about the victims. and at the same time we're


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